BUG LABS, New York, NY

  • Used Java in conjunction with the OSGI framework to develop various applications
  • Wrote standalone as well as web applications using Java
  • Developed expertise in Eclipse as an IDE and Log4J
  • Used SVN as a version control tool


City of New York, New York, NY

• Developed and implemented work flow to fight malfunctioning digital pens by allowing city employees to verify good functionality of any given computer station and all of its peripherals before the start of an application process

• Reduced the number of requests for service by implementing proactive weekly maintenance of printers, scanners and copiers

• Provided over the phone and on site hardware and software support for over 100 users across 3 sites



Fujifilm, Stamford, CT

• Built preconfigured environments to enhance speed of virtual machine creations and resource allocations

• Developed “AutoHotKey” scripts among others to save company time through the automation of some manual testing procedures of medical software

• Installed, maintained and troubleshot physical and virtual systems



Interactive Data

• Implemented a mandatory monthly capacity review to assess and proactively determine servers that needed to be upgraded or replaced to ensure maintenance of proper functionality

• Generated various Bash, Perl and Python scripts to streamline and enhance various day to day operations

• Developed one stop real time monitoring tool to assist in tracking the health of real time market data feeds

• Improved team communication and efficiency by implementing weekly review meetings.

• Worked with quality assurance to develop metrics to continuously measure system performance and capacity

• Investigated issues affecting the performance and reliability of production systems and applications